Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

Many of y'all know I use
to go to the nail salon several times a month to maintain acrylic nails. Well one day I decided I wanted another more natural alternative! I fell n love with the Axxium nail process from OPI, but finding a tech that was convenient for me was not possible. I then made the goal I wanted to polish my own nails... Long story short I began my OPI journey! I love the quality of the product as well as the colors it provides!! Recently I have received a lot of attention ... This is a direct result or me using the OPI Shatter product!

Katy Perry is the spokesperson, it gives great appeal to ur nails & ez to apply! Apply a solid color of ur choice allow it to completely dry then apply the shatter. As the Shatter dries u will see the base color you applied come through! ( my only tip is to go slow and level ur hand on a table)Effortless abstract art on each finger! Enjoy ur personal OPI journey and explore different colors! I also use OPI's fast dry spray. Don't b shy... Stay fly as u are and try different things!

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