Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Tips 4 an Amazing week...

By reading this short excerpt  you are thinking " I want to have an amazing week" .... An amazing week starts with a Prayer.... Continues with  preparation, and is finalized with action! 

1st make certain you are not taking the weight of the world on your shoulder, some of us are angry and bitter from an event that happened last week.... Maybe even last month or beyond. LET IT GO! Start each day releasing the stresses from before .Ask God to give you the strength to let His will be done in your life even when you don't understand it! 

2nd Decide what direction you want your week to go, then make a short list of task you must complete without exception. The list should  consist of personal, professional, and social goals. It's great you're working on various things but don't let all of your energy to go not task that ultimately will not benefit you as a person. Base your list on your true goals...not something you have seen or tv , or envy from someone else you know. Tap into your own true values and set goals based on that!

3rd TAKE ACTION! James chapter 2 states faith without works is dead! All the planning and well wishes will only pay off if you invest time and energy into the action aspect. Evaluate when you have the most energy and break the task up during your high energy times. Be sure you refuel yourself daily and reward yourself as u complete task. Don't make tv and social media your priority....make it a treat for when you see results from your action!

Best wishes as you make these steps come to life!


Monday, February 4, 2013

The Grass Is Greener ... FALSE!

The myth of the grass being greener on the other side is completely false!

 Your neighbor is simply taking the time to manicure their lawn.

Oftentimes we look around and think everyone has it better than us when in fact we are sitting on a pile of blessings others are praying to have. We are poisioning our own lawns. We are responsible for taking a moment to not only be appreciative of the people and things we have currently going on. We must provide the necessary maintenance.

Maintenance comes in many forms... it can be as easy as spending time with someone, taking time to say thank you, cleaning up your own closet so you can see what you actually have, or apologizing on a mishap that has gone far too long without attention.

We all have a lawn... yes it may need a little maintenance... but it is going through a unique process that will allow us to sit back and enjoy the roses....

Have a great day! Ashes Loves you <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being Strong... Exhausting

Being strong is ExHaUsTinG we all have eardrum phrases such as "big girls don't cry" and "men cry in the dark" but the truth is being strong is ExHaUsTiNg!

At some point we have to be the vulnerable ones! It is more healthy to expose your vulnerable side slowly but surely than withhold it for a Lon period of time. If you wait too long there will be an inappropriate time and u may have to live with the regret of embarrassing yourself or hurting the feelings of a loved one!

We have to be realistic that everything is NOT perfect all the time but we are WILLING to work through EVERY situation presented to become better people!!

No I am not saying everytime you eel sad,hurt, or betrayed to expose yourself but select a positive outlet where your experiences are lessons and you have a trustworthy alliance to support u through times of distress!

Do NOT take the world in your hands, release uncertainties to God and allow Him to get you through! After all you have made it this far for a reason so do NOT doubt Him or become distracted ! Have a wonderful night and remember this is just a thought! :)

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Decision 2 Say Goodbye

When you make a decision that you are done, most times you decide you are going to quit COLD TURkEY but after your "breaking point" usually after an hour or so you decide maybe you should ween yourself away from what you want to rid from your life.

I believe the decision too ween is better, you are setting your own realistic expectations (afterall you didn't get into the situation over night)

If you are in a relationship of any kind friendship,parental, professional, dating,married,etc please respect all parties involved ...don't burn bridges equip the one you are leaving to be better after you don't leave them in the dark. We all appreciate personal growth but not at the expense of the one you once loved emotions. You abandoning them may be the onset of future relational problems.

No you are not obligated to leave with an explanation. No this does not apply to all situations; but you should use discretion and operate thinking :

" i want to show everyone the love they DESERVE to have in life and that there are some genuine folks in the world"

Sure we all have had relationships end abruptly but for future reference if at all possible don't leave your friends, family, children, & others in the dark!


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nails Nails Nails

Many of y'all know I use
to go to the nail salon several times a month to maintain acrylic nails. Well one day I decided I wanted another more natural alternative! I fell n love with the Axxium nail process from OPI, but finding a tech that was convenient for me was not possible. I then made the goal I wanted to polish my own nails... Long story short I began my OPI journey! I love the quality of the product as well as the colors it provides!! Recently I have received a lot of attention ... This is a direct result or me using the OPI Shatter product!

Katy Perry is the spokesperson, it gives great appeal to ur nails & ez to apply! Apply a solid color of ur choice allow it to completely dry then apply the shatter. As the Shatter dries u will see the base color you applied come through! ( my only tip is to go slow and level ur hand on a table)Effortless abstract art on each finger! Enjoy ur personal OPI journey and explore different colors! I also use OPI's fast dry spray. Don't b shy... Stay fly as u are and try different things!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 Windy if u wearin a wig!!

Well all and all today has been a great Saturday!!! I have been focusing on what I DO want to happen versus what I want to avoid! It's on the line of positive thinking but more so positive ACTION! The wind is NO joke today yet I managed to hit up the library

I then had an impromptu meet up with Riiiiiiick at Busboy &Poets it was yummery!

My shoppin experience was made all better when I saw Teavana

at Pentagon yAAAY so I definitely bought 40 bucks n tea! Geesh it's not even 3 and I feel like so much got done! Oh & if yall wanna be on Top Model and get n line

Hope ur Saturday turns out as awesome as u! Today ain't a day to wear a wig tho Hahahahahahahaha xoxo thanks for readin my thoughts!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Overstuffed weekends!

Well last week was an adventure within itself! I had a class which was Mon- Friday from 5-10pm & Saturday from 9-5! This was in addition to working my regular work hours! Although the week was jammed packed I managed to step out during the weekend & survive! Friday night after leaving work and class, I was able to celebrate Ms. Erika's bday at Lucky Strike,

downtown DC. Althought there is always a lovely crowd there, I feel like Lucky Strike is not in the customer service business, our waitress this time was very nice & the company of Raquel & Myia Made it a little more lovely!

After leaving Lucky Strike I went in the house and changed up my clothing to meet up with Ms. Amber... at K St Lounge. I have not been there in FOREVER but the short time we spent there was actually enjoyable I lucked up on parking only to come out and see EVERY car parked in the front had a ticket! Well every car BUT mine THANKFULLY! We left here and headed to Lux Lounge, another place that I havent been since my bday LAST YEAR! The crowd was LIVE did not disappoint the music was good, I have had consecutively good times at LUX... having Amber's hook up was icing on the cake since we did not have to wait in line or purchase drinks. Class the next day was cool and I got to be with my girls Joy, Robyn, & Daryl. I did go home for a 2 hour nap b ut then woke up and headed to Aleros on U st. Aleros can never disappoint with a lovely atmosphere & Resonable prices.... Sunday was AMAZING.... it included a surprise visit from my ladies to MY CHURCH... & then...... well I will need a new post to cover the events of Sunday :)