Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 Windy if u wearin a wig!!

Well all and all today has been a great Saturday!!! I have been focusing on what I DO want to happen versus what I want to avoid! It's on the line of positive thinking but more so positive ACTION! The wind is NO joke today yet I managed to hit up the library

I then had an impromptu meet up with Riiiiiiick at Busboy &Poets it was yummery!

My shoppin experience was made all better when I saw Teavana

at Pentagon yAAAY so I definitely bought 40 bucks n tea! Geesh it's not even 3 and I feel like so much got done! Oh & if yall wanna be on Top Model and get n line

Hope ur Saturday turns out as awesome as u! Today ain't a day to wear a wig tho Hahahahahahahaha xoxo thanks for readin my thoughts!
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