Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Decision 2 Say Goodbye

When you make a decision that you are done, most times you decide you are going to quit COLD TURkEY but after your "breaking point" usually after an hour or so you decide maybe you should ween yourself away from what you want to rid from your life.

I believe the decision too ween is better, you are setting your own realistic expectations (afterall you didn't get into the situation over night)

If you are in a relationship of any kind friendship,parental, professional, dating,married,etc please respect all parties involved ...don't burn bridges equip the one you are leaving to be better after you don't leave them in the dark. We all appreciate personal growth but not at the expense of the one you once loved emotions. You abandoning them may be the onset of future relational problems.

No you are not obligated to leave with an explanation. No this does not apply to all situations; but you should use discretion and operate thinking :

" i want to show everyone the love they DESERVE to have in life and that there are some genuine folks in the world"

Sure we all have had relationships end abruptly but for future reference if at all possible don't leave your friends, family, children, & others in the dark!


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