Monday, January 10, 2011

Overstuffed weekends!

Well last week was an adventure within itself! I had a class which was Mon- Friday from 5-10pm & Saturday from 9-5! This was in addition to working my regular work hours! Although the week was jammed packed I managed to step out during the weekend & survive! Friday night after leaving work and class, I was able to celebrate Ms. Erika's bday at Lucky Strike,

downtown DC. Althought there is always a lovely crowd there, I feel like Lucky Strike is not in the customer service business, our waitress this time was very nice & the company of Raquel & Myia Made it a little more lovely!

After leaving Lucky Strike I went in the house and changed up my clothing to meet up with Ms. Amber... at K St Lounge. I have not been there in FOREVER but the short time we spent there was actually enjoyable I lucked up on parking only to come out and see EVERY car parked in the front had a ticket! Well every car BUT mine THANKFULLY! We left here and headed to Lux Lounge, another place that I havent been since my bday LAST YEAR! The crowd was LIVE did not disappoint the music was good, I have had consecutively good times at LUX... having Amber's hook up was icing on the cake since we did not have to wait in line or purchase drinks. Class the next day was cool and I got to be with my girls Joy, Robyn, & Daryl. I did go home for a 2 hour nap b ut then woke up and headed to Aleros on U st. Aleros can never disappoint with a lovely atmosphere & Resonable prices.... Sunday was AMAZING.... it included a surprise visit from my ladies to MY CHURCH... & then...... well I will need a new post to cover the events of Sunday :)

Rubber Duckie

Allow me to introduce JC my rubber Duckie ! I use him just about everyday. Can u guess the purpose of JC? Well if u guessed a simple toy, u are wrong. JC is a tea infuser so I can enjoy my loose leaf tea n small quantities on a daily basis!! If u want your personal JC visit and enter According2Ashes and receive 20% off! Ok the discount is not true but it's definitely affordable so enjoy, I recommend u shop at Teavana! Enjoy!
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Well this blog definately doesnt have a professional editor, but it does have a professional 'enjoyer' of life :). I hope to share a few experiences and put y'all on to some of my enjoyable experiences with my fRaMiLy! For those who are not familiar with me there are a few key points I must make. fRaMiLy is a term I coined for friends & family combination, in some cases we may not be blood but there is ALL LOVE! You will see more than your share of "WhoopWhoop's", that's just my sounds of excitement! Now dont judge me but feel free to challenge me on ANYTHING you see here, but remember Im living MY LIFE MY WAY.... dont take it personal or you are missing the point... this is my blank tablet... feel free to create your own. From time to time I may promote someone, place, or thing that I love. If you ever check out a suggestion please let me know. Have a lovely day as we start off 2011 let me know of anything you think I should be checking out!