Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Tips 4 an Amazing week...

By reading this short excerpt  you are thinking " I want to have an amazing week" .... An amazing week starts with a Prayer.... Continues with  preparation, and is finalized with action! 

1st make certain you are not taking the weight of the world on your shoulder, some of us are angry and bitter from an event that happened last week.... Maybe even last month or beyond. LET IT GO! Start each day releasing the stresses from before .Ask God to give you the strength to let His will be done in your life even when you don't understand it! 

2nd Decide what direction you want your week to go, then make a short list of task you must complete without exception. The list should  consist of personal, professional, and social goals. It's great you're working on various things but don't let all of your energy to go not task that ultimately will not benefit you as a person. Base your list on your true goals...not something you have seen or tv , or envy from someone else you know. Tap into your own true values and set goals based on that!

3rd TAKE ACTION! James chapter 2 states faith without works is dead! All the planning and well wishes will only pay off if you invest time and energy into the action aspect. Evaluate when you have the most energy and break the task up during your high energy times. Be sure you refuel yourself daily and reward yourself as u complete task. Don't make tv and social media your priority....make it a treat for when you see results from your action!

Best wishes as you make these steps come to life!


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