Thursday, July 7, 2011

Being Strong... Exhausting

Being strong is ExHaUsTinG we all have eardrum phrases such as "big girls don't cry" and "men cry in the dark" but the truth is being strong is ExHaUsTiNg!

At some point we have to be the vulnerable ones! It is more healthy to expose your vulnerable side slowly but surely than withhold it for a Lon period of time. If you wait too long there will be an inappropriate time and u may have to live with the regret of embarrassing yourself or hurting the feelings of a loved one!

We have to be realistic that everything is NOT perfect all the time but we are WILLING to work through EVERY situation presented to become better people!!

No I am not saying everytime you eel sad,hurt, or betrayed to expose yourself but select a positive outlet where your experiences are lessons and you have a trustworthy alliance to support u through times of distress!

Do NOT take the world in your hands, release uncertainties to God and allow Him to get you through! After all you have made it this far for a reason so do NOT doubt Him or become distracted ! Have a wonderful night and remember this is just a thought! :)

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