Friday, January 7, 2011


Well this blog definately doesnt have a professional editor, but it does have a professional 'enjoyer' of life :). I hope to share a few experiences and put y'all on to some of my enjoyable experiences with my fRaMiLy! For those who are not familiar with me there are a few key points I must make. fRaMiLy is a term I coined for friends & family combination, in some cases we may not be blood but there is ALL LOVE! You will see more than your share of "WhoopWhoop's", that's just my sounds of excitement! Now dont judge me but feel free to challenge me on ANYTHING you see here, but remember Im living MY LIFE MY WAY.... dont take it personal or you are missing the point... this is my blank tablet... feel free to create your own. From time to time I may promote someone, place, or thing that I love. If you ever check out a suggestion please let me know. Have a lovely day as we start off 2011 let me know of anything you think I should be checking out!

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